A Useful Guide to Picking a Perfect Bedroom Wall Sticker

Your bedroom is your retreat, a place where you unwind, away from the noise and chaos of the outside world. You must decorate this haven in a way that calms you and helps you sleep and dream better. Bedroom wall stickers are picking steam right now and we are here for it. Wall stickers are easy to apply and remove as compared to the traditional wallpapers, so they are a great option for renters. Not just that, they allow you to revamp your bedroom without causing a dent in your pocket.

Here is a useful guide on where to install bedroom wall stickers and which trendy designs to choose from in 2022.

Where to install bedroom wall stickers?

A no-brainer is to install them on the wall behind your bed. This is often the focal point of your room and hence it makes sense to adorn it will a stylish wall sticker. This will instantly make your bedroom look chic and elegant. Another great bedroom interior design idea is to decorate the reading corner wall in your bedroom with wall stickers. You can transform it into a feature wall and decorate it will gorgeous wall stickers.

If you are looking to make a statement, then consider using wall stickers for your bedroom ceiling. So, when you rest your head on your bed at night, you can stare at something beautiful. Many people are today choosing to install mandala design wall stickers or minimalistic floral designs around their ceiling light fixtures. This idea is great for bedrooms which have a high ceiling as it will instantly draw the attention of your guests to the ceiling and give an illusion of space.

4 trendy wall sticker ideas for your bedroom

Cartoon wall stickers 

When it comes to choosing kids room wall stickers, pick something that screams fantasy, whimsical, imagination and adventure. You can go for wall stickers of fairies, princesses, superheroes, or their favourite cartoon characters. Make sure that you let your kid help you while picking the wall stickers and installing them so that they feel involved and accomplished.

Horizontal stripes wall stickers

If you have a tiny bedroom and want to make it appear bigger, then consider installing horizontal stripe wall stickers in light colours. Make sure that you space them out or else they might make the room appear cluttered. Horizontal stripes will instantly open up your room and make it appear light, airy and spacious.

Mandala design wall stickers

If you are obsessed with mandala designs, then your bedroom is the perfect place to flaunt your love for intricate patterns and designs. You can decorate the wall behind your bed or the ceiling with minimalistic mandala designs. Make sure that you pick mandala designs in hues which look good with the existing colours in your bedroom.

Forest themed wall stickers

We are talking about birds, animals, leaves and intricate floral motifs. You can also consider going for tropical palm trees in bright green shades. Nature is known to soothe you and make you feel refreshed. Hence, the forest-themed wall stickers are a perfect fit for your own sanctuary at your home.

Remember to keep in mind your bedroom theme or style while picking a perfect wall sticker for your bedroom walls. Wall stickers and decals add a visual appeal to your home and help to add character to your space. They help to make your home look personal and tell a tale. So, go ahead and have a fun DIY session with your loved ones and adorn your bedroom walls with gorgeous wall stickers.

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