Common Issues with Central Heating Systems and Suggested Remedies

If you are a UK homeowner, you will already be aware of the importance of having an effective central heating system, and such a complex network of tanks, pipes and radiators can easily malfunction. Regular servicing is recommended for all types of central heating, and with that in mind, here are a few of the common central heating issues along with advice on what to do.

  • Strange Knocking Sounds Coming from the Pipes – This is typically cause by air that is trapped in the system, which makes the pumping of the water unbalanced, causing the pipes to knock. If you call out an affordable plumber in Somerton, he would have both the tools and the know-how to bleed the air out of the system.
  • Unusually High Energy Bills – This is typically caused by an inaccurate thermostat that allows the boiler to fire up even though the temperature is as required. It is important to have the thermostat tested when the system is serviced, as this would reveal the issue and the thermostat can be replaced.
  • Insufficient Heat in Some Radiators – If you notice that some of the radiators are not as hot as they normally are, this is likely due to sludge clogging up the system. This is common with very old heating systems and the only way to deal with it is to have a plumber power flush the sludge out of the system.

It is advisable to have your central heating serviced annually and the best time to do this is in the late autumn, just prior to the arrival of winter.







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