The type of railing inside the house can really change the aesthetic feel of the home. Whenever you decide to change the railing it has to be in accordance with the kind of aesthetic that you are going for. There is no denying that staircase is a focal point of many homes and home renovation projects. The design and the quality of the stairs and the railing can shake up the interiors of the home. Royal Oak Railing & Stair Ltd is known for its unique styles and design capabilities which can increase the aesthetic value of your stairs and make them shine the way they truly deserve to. Here are some of the popular railing styles that you can choose from:

Wooden Railings

Wooden Railings are one of the most popular and classic railing options. It is the best choice when you want a natural and environmentally friendly option for your home. Their stylish appearance and attractive texture add to the aesthetic value of the staircase. When there are wooden railings it can immediately bring about a sense of elegance and old-world charm into the space. Another reason why they are an attractive option is that they are resistant to damage. They can easily withstand negative external influences when it has been maintained properly. The best thing about wooden railings is that they always remain in style. They are also available in a wide range of wooden types so you don’t have to limit yourself to ash, oak, maple and walnut.

Metal Railings

To jazz up the mundane and unremarkable appearance of your staircase, then metal railings are the option to go for. Railings are necessary for safety reasons, and they also help tie together the whole room. Metal generally has more strength and is highly durable. It is a very malleable material that can be used to create a breathtaking railing for your staircase. Metal railings are a popular option because they are easy to maintain and clean. Their dynamic nature allows them to gel well with wood, glass and other materials used inside the home like marbles. This type of railing is well suited for almost all interior aesthetics ranging from classic to a hi-tech and chic look.

Glass Railings

Glass railings have increasingly become a popular choice amongst homeowners. This type of railing is simple, light and sophisticated. Whether you have a classic interior look or a modern one, glass railings complement all types of interiors very well. A lot of people don’t opt for glass railings believing that they are very fragile. That is far from the truth. The design of the railing really impacts the reliability of the railing. The opaqueness of the glass creates a feeling of openness, light and air. It makes the room look more bright as it doesn’t interfere with sunlight entering the room and gives an appearance of open space. It makes the room look bigger as compared to the wooden or metal railings, which can make the room look a bit more cluttered.