Furnaces can be considered essential for homes in Canada. They are an investment, that will serve you for years to come when they have been maintained. Just like any other equipment, furnaces also tend to break down or suffer from issues that impact their functioning. When the furnace needs repair, you need someone trusted. AirMakers are a trusted name in the industry that has a diverse team of experts needed for carrying out repairs. Following are some of the most common issues that might require repairing.

Water Leakage

The modern furnaces have been built to function for long hours while being efficient. These furnaces make use of combustion gas which provide extra heat. Often it causes cooling and condensation of the gas. When the condensation happens, the water will start to collect on the floor drain. Though it might not seem like a problem in the beginning. Sometimes the water starts leaking. This can be prevented by ensuring the drains are clean and the condensation line is working well. The experts from AirMakers will carry out a thorough inspection to figure out the cause of water leakage and fix it.

The furnace is unable to turn on.

Various components help the furnace ignite. When there is a failure in the ignition, the cause needs to be determined. It could be due to failure in tuning the thermostat to the right temperature. When switching on the furnace, ensure that the temperature is higher than the temperature inside the room. The failure could also be caused due to some gas issue. When there is not enough gas, the furnace might not turn on. Sometimes the furnace is accidentally turned off, make sure that it is not the case before you try to ignite the furnace.

Unable to produce enough heat

The burner might turn on but the heat isn’t reaching the room. This could be due to some issue with the blower. It could be that the registers are broken. When they are broken, it could stop the warm air to reach the air ducts. Ensure that the thermostat is at the right temperature and the heat registers are open. The fan should be at the AUTO setting, and the thermostat should be in heat mode. The thermostat’s temperature should always be higher than the room’s temperature. Lack of power supply could also be a contributing factor. Check all electricity-related elements.

Dysfunctional Thermostat

If the thermostat is not working, it could be off. Check the positioning of the thermostat. Ensure that the temperature settings are what you desired. A thermostat that works perfectly makes a clicking sound. When you are adjusting it, listen carefully to the sound. If you aren’t able to hear any, it is possible that the thermostat isn’t able to send the message to the furnace. Often the thermostat is not able to function properly after repair. When this happens, it means that you need to replace it.