Garden Maintenance: When Should You Get Rid of a Tree?

Most of us love trees in our garden, they provide shade during the summer and they protect our property from rain and strong winds during the winter. A beautiful tree can add value to your home, a front or backyard will look barren without plants, trees and other vegetation. Although we love our trees, there are times when they become a hazard and need to be removed.

Here are four common reasons to call an arborist and have your tree removed.

Decaying Tree

One of the main reasons why arborists are called to people’s homes is because they’ve a fear that their tree is about to fall down. They could have young children in the house, or the tree may be positioned very close to their home and they don’t want it doing any damage to anybody or any property. A skilled arborist offers a wider variety of services, they’ll be able to assess the condition of your tree and provide the right solution to the problem. If you’ve recently had a tree removed and you’re looking for expert in stump grinding in Perth, you’ll easily find a company who can offer an affordable service.

You’ll find that the majority of trees tend to fall in storms, while others have been decaying for a long time, but they looked fine to the untrained eye.

Growing Pains

Tree roots tend to become invasive; they extend underground and sometimes grow out of control. When you planted the tree, you probably didn’t do much research into it, or the person who was there before didn’t see it as their problem as it wouldn’t be fully grown for many years. Certain trees are just not suited to the urban environment, they encroach on buildings and other structures often making them unstable and unsafe to be around. If you’ve problems with invasive roots, the best move to make is to remove them.

Littering Trees

Where you place a tree, especially in an urban area is vitally important. If they are close to your home and begin to grow out of control, they could damage your property. In addition, they could also block gutters, drains and make a mess of your pool. Clearing leaves and scheduling regular maintenance isn’t something you want to be doing all the time. If your tree is more hassle than it is worth, you may want to have it removed.

Safety Issues

Trees which are too close to houses, electric wires or roads can become a dangerous hazard. They sometimes outgrow their location and need to be removed for safety purposes. A large tree is a powerful object upsetting buildings and other structures.

As you can see from the points raised above, there are certain times when you’ll need to get rid of a tree from your garden. Although most of us love having trees around our landscape, if they become too difficult to control or they put other structures in jeopardy, the sensible thing to do is to cut them down and have them removed by a professional.

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