Health & Fitness Benefits of Owning a Private Pool

Private swimming pools aren’t just for the kids to have fun with, they are also an excellent way to improve your overall health and fitness. Here are some of the primary benefits of fitting a pool on your property.

Lower Impact

As we get older certain sports that require participation on hard surfaces tend to do all sorts of damage to our muscles, tendons and ligaments. Water exercise is far easier on your body, especially for older adults or people with chronic injuries. The cushioning effect of water provides the perfect environment for aerobic or anaerobic exercise. If you aren’t a great swimmer, you can visit a pool supplies company and order swimming aids to help you move up and down the pool.

Water Acts as Resistance

Pushing your body through water isn’t as easy as simply walking, water acts as a resistance, pushing your body to work that bit harder. Water resistance exercises are great for losing weight and toning your body. Exercise in water is also great for various other reasons, including:

  • Building cardiovascular stamina
  • Improving strength and flexibility
  • Helping to rehabilitate injured muscles and ligaments

Mixing Exercise with Pleasure

A pool is a great way to mix exercise with fun games, you don’t have to swim lengths to get fit. You can play an exciting game of water volleyball or handball, making exercise more fun with active games.

Adding a new pool to your premises gives you another option for your health regime, you no longer have to depend on going to the gym.

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