how to pick the best service provider in Ontario

After you have finally found your new place of residence, now is a fine time to choose a moving company. Since there is a great number of them in Canada and you know that the great majority of people puts their trust in movers, it does not mean that scams do not occur. Therefore, it is advisable to inform yourself and to know how to pick the best service provider. In order to give you a helping hand, we will give you some pieces of advice and point out what to pay attention to. In this way, you will know from the beginning what you should expect and what you should not accept.

First of all, check their reputation

When choosing a company that will help you relocate, it is of paramount importance to check their reputation. The easiest way to do this is to search the Internet. You will certainly find their clients’ comments and feedback concerning their service. Of course, you should bear in mind that not all of the clients will be completely satisfied. There will always be someone who will say that something bothered them. This means that you should do a thorough research and see whether the majority had a positive experience. If this is the case, feel free to pick up a phone and make an arrangement. An example of a moving company that is reliable and efficient is certainly Number 1 Movers Hamilton Ontario. You can be sure that you will not regret hiring them.

When you need to pick the best service provider, check the Internet
When you need to pick the best service provider, check on the Internet about their reputation

When you need to pick the best service provider, ask key questions

The next thing you should do when you need to pick the best service provider is to ask crucial questions. For example, you should ask them how long they have been in business. In this way, you will learn whether they are experienced or not. Also, you should ask if they are licensed. In case they are, they will be able to provide you with a US DOT number. This is a unique number provided by the state and you can easily check if it is valid. This piece of information is particularly important for long distance relocations. You should also ask them about some additional services if you would like to consider different moving assistance options. It can happen that they offer you the service of packing and unpacking your belongings. In case you do not have enough time for this, accept it.

Do not accept paying a large deposit

Not a single professional and reputable moving company will ask for a large deposit. They will only expect you to pay upon delivery. If it happens that a certain moving company asks for the deposit, you should turn them down. It is possible that, in case you pay in advance, you will have no control over when you will see your belongings again. Also, an additional piece of advice would be to use a credit card when paying. This will protect you from possible fraudulent activity. Of course, when it comes to the overall price of your move, there is a way in which you can calculate the cost of your move in advance. Just make sure you fill in all the necessary fields as precisely as possible.

paying with a credit card

do not pay a deposit in advance- instead, pay after the relocation is over and use a credit card

Avoid paying extra fees

When you need to pick the best service provider, another thing you should pay attention to are possible extra fees. Are you living on a 10th floor with no elevator? Is there a narrow passage that can cause trouble to your movers? Do you have a piano that you forgot to mention while making an arrangement with the moving company? All of these can be the reason for the movers to make your bill larger. Therefore, the easiest way to avoid this scenario from happening is to simply ask the mover about additional charges. They will warn you about these and probably some others. In case you have, for example, an old sofa which you would not like to bring with you, leave it behind. The moving costs will be lower and you will get to buy a new sofa once you are settled in.

Do not sign a blank moving contract

Avoid signing a blank moving contract at all cost. Make sure you get absolutely everything in writing. In the contract should also be the inventory and some extra fees (if you have asked for them). Once you get the contract, read it thoroughly. If it happens that, for example, your laptop is not labelled on the inventory, you can call and inform them about the mistake. Otherwise, if you do not go over the contract, you will miss this and you will be unable to file a claim. So, in order to avoid this from happening, do everything by the book and the moving processwill run smoothly.

a man signing papers

in case you sign a blank contract, you will have no right to file a claim even though the moving company has made a mistake

Once you have checked all of the above, you will pick the best service provider with no problem. You have made sure everything is in order and now it is time for you to start packing. Do not worry, everything will be fine- there is no reason for you to panic or to get nervous. You certainly have a reliable and professional moving company by your side. You will get to go through the moving process in no time and you will be able to focus on house decoration. Of course, should you need any additional piece of advice, feel free to contact them. Their representatives will be more than happy to give you a helping hand.

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