If you love the look and feel of solid timber flooring, but are not prepared to pay the very high price that comes with a solid wood floor, there are alternatives that come in the form of laminate sheets and tiles. Laminate flooring ticks all the boxes from the homeowner’s perspective, with stunning designs of every type of timber grain imaginable, as well as stone and slate finishes.

Laminate Make-Up

Laminate flooring comprises of several layers, criss-crossed for added strength, and the amazing finish is due to a high-resolution digital image that is placed under the protective membrane, which gives a stunning design of various types of timber or stone.

The laminate sheet consists of:

  • Composite Core – Made from compressed sawdust.
  • Cork Backing – For softness underfoot.
  • High Resolution Digital Image
  • Final Protective Membrane Cover

Of course, there are many different designs, and if you prefer black laminate flooring in Kilmarnock, for example, there are specialist flooring companies that can supply and install your favourite laminate design.

Waterproof and Very Durable

Laminate flooring is ideal for wet areas like the kitchen and bathroom, and it is very durable and will not fade, warp or crack. Once professionally installed, there’s little that can go wrong with laminate flooring, and you can expect to enjoy many years of comfort from this tough and attractive floor covering.

If you would like a quote for laminate flooring, search online for a local supplier, who can show you the wide range of attractive designs, and then you can make an informed decision.

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