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Thought-Provoking Things That You Didn’t Know About Trees and Your Local Arborists

Even though Australia is one of the most arid continents on the planet, our country features well over 120 million hectares of tree-laden forests, which equates to more than 15% of the total land mass. Additionally, it’s worth noting that these timberland regions are usually situated relatively close to populous areas near the coastlines, meaning that trees play a pivotal role in our lives nowadays.

Yet, we still don’t know all that much about these organic behemoths and how important it is to preserve the trees on our properties, so let’s dig a bit deeper and shed some light on the arboreal world.

Examining Some Obscure Facts Regarding Trees

According to the latest assessments, experts believe that there are upwards of three trillion trees on Earth, with approximately 61,000 distinctive species in total, but here are some particulars and essentials that you may not have been aware of:

  • Scientists have determined that the first trees began sprouting from the soil roughly 380 million years ago, which implies that vegetation has been around for less than 10% of our planet’s history. Prior to the rise of wooden trees, Earth was covered in enormous fungal growths that were nearly 30 feet tall.
  • Way back when Southern America, Africa, Antarctica, and Australia were linked together as a single supercontinent, the Wollemia tree was one of the most prevalent species according to fossil records. This leafy tree is thought to have been extinct for millions upon millions of years, but researchers recently discovered a cluster of living Wollemia in none other than Australia’s Wollemia National Park.
  • Did you know that trees actually have the ability to talk to the environment? For instance, when a fruit-bearing tree becomes inundated with caterpillars and other pests, it will call for reinforcements by secreting a substance that draws in hungry birds.
  • Each year, somewhere in the neighbourhood of three million people die due to conditions related to atmospheric pollution, but trees are able to mitigate the amount of CO2 and other harmful elements simply by “breathing.” This is why arborists refer to trees as nature’s air filters.

From a property owner’s perspective, you might also like to know that healthy-looking, well-positioned trees can boost your land’s market price by anywhere from 5 to 10 percent.

How Can My Local Tree Services Help?

If you reach out to a long-standing tree removal company in Perth, you’ll gain instant access to a multitalented team of landscaping experts that can do far more than just hack away at undesirable trees with a chainsaw:

  • Intricate pruning and trimming to restore healthy, flourishing trees
  • Comprehensive eradication of stubborn stumps and tree remnants
  • Emergency response services for property damage, fallen branches, and power-line issues
  • Robust landscaping support and aggregate material orders
  • Official arboreal reporting assistance

Whether you own a commercial property, quaint residence, or massive plot of land, your neighbourhood arborists can help in a myriad ways, and their services are always modified to fit into your budget.